Neighborhood Watch

by Trife Life

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Trife Life is

Spencer Marzello - Guitar
Trevor Michaelec - Vocals
Dane Wroblewski - Bass
Ben Fredette - Drums
Adam Merendino - Guitar


released April 29, 2013

All music written by Trife Life.
All lyrics written by Trevor Michalec.
All drum tracks recorded by Adam Merendino.

Neighborhood Watch was recorded by Ryan Slowey at 47 Lincoln Ave and the Empty House with some assistance from Jared Krak



all rights reserved


Trife Life Cohoes, New York

Trife Life is

Spencer Marzello - Guitar
Trevor Michalec - Vocals
Dane Wroblewsi - Bass
Ben Fredette - Drums
Adam Merendino - Guitar

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Track Name: Sever the Bloodline
Grew up hard, inherited sin,
Always picked last not the type to win.
Chip on my shoulder, more like a boulder.
With a weight so heavy I feel hell smolder.

I would never wish this on you, unborn child family tree came unglued.
I'd rather let the fruit wilt then bear the guilt that you could have been spared.
With a life so trife, no girlfriend no wife.
Even though my soul aches this world can't bear another mistake.

This weighs heavy, my cross to bear.
My moral fabric begins to tear.
Can't fix mine but you don't need to live this life.

This weighs heavy, it's hard to care.
Spare the world of a soul with another cross to bear.

Sever the bloodline.
This has to end with me
Track Name: Trife Life
Worked so long, worked so hard, was it all in vain?
Drink myself to sleep every night,
Just to wake up with the same pain.
Knuckles broken, holes in the walls,
Another mess because of me.
I just can't seem to focus,
Fuck it all I guess I'm hopeless.

Destined to be the underdog,
Woe is me.

Worked so long, worked so hard, was it all in vain?
Drink myself to sleep every night,
Just to wake up with the same pain.
Nothing helps, nothing gets any better.
Fight my way to the top just live on the bottom forever.

Suffer alone in my hell,
Look at you, perfect world, livin' well.
I was given nothing in this bullshit life.
All we've got is each other,
So let's keep it fuckin' trife.
Track Name: Forclosed
Sucked in,
Spit out,
But I have had enough.
No outlet, outnumbered,
But I just won't sit and watch.
Stuck here you fucking tyrant,
I have had enough.
Look me in the eye coward,
No your worth (guess what) not much.

New car, second mortgage, fuck it, probably won't fall on you.
This house needs a roof, now you're gone, fuck , won't fall on you.
Now my flesh and blood has no home, fourteen years wasted.
Now who pays?
Just pray I never see you.

I wish I did more to fix this,
More to prevent what seems so distant.
Now I have no fucking plan, this excuse for a man,
And I don't know know where to start.

You gotta be fucking kidding me.

I can't ever forget this.
I won't ever forgive you.
Track Name: Neighborhood Watch
You better watch your fucking back, coming to my block if you're looking to jack.
It might not look like much, may have lost it's touch but it ain't your motherfuckin' playground.
You're taking candy from a baby, bet you can't take this bat away from me.
Punk bitch, we don't snitch,
Neighborhood watch we don't call the cops.

Got your back as long as you got me,
We shouldn't have to be afraid to walk the streets.
Somebody needs to step the fuck up,
If it won't be you it'll have to be me.
So sick, so disgusted.
Scared motherfuckers acting like they run this.
Look at you, acting hard, none of you fucks will see me in the yard.

Kind of wish it would change, wish I didn't have to cross the street and look both ways.
Some days, I wanna fuckin' quit, stay inside and let the scumbags win.
Oh, you fucking wait, I'm not afraid to fight for what's right.

One day you'll fear my block, a tooth for everything I've lost.

Neighborhood Watch